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Triangle Tech

Career & Placement Services

Triangle Tech provides an active career advising service. The school does not guarantee to find employment for its graduates, but rather offers full assistance to them when looking for employment after graduation including the identification of job openings. The extent and nature of the career advising service includes: an initial orientation; classroom visits by the Career Advisor each semester; and instruction in the preparation of resumes, cover letters, and job search techniques. In addition, students participate in videotaped mock interviews and critiques, personal advising sessions with career advisors, and graduate follow-up. A Career Advisor is available to each student during their enrollment to interview each student. At that time, field preference, geographic preference, skills, strengths and weaknesses and many other important areas are discussed. In order for graduates to remain active with the Career Advising Service, all Career Advising policies must be adhered to as explained in the Student Handbook.