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Triangle Tech

Corporate Training Center

At Triangle Tech, we understand that your employees need to stay current with technology in order to keep your company competitive. That's where we can help by offering you Customized Training services.

Our curriculum writers and technical faculty will meet with you early in our relationship to determine your specific training needs, and then we will present a customized training outline and proposal designed to meet your needs and to achieve the desired results. It's that simple.

Our customized training programs are normally made up of courses related to the subject areas for which Triangle Tech is traditionally known. Established in 1944, we have built a STRONG reputation over the years in the areas of: CADD with Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing; Maintenance Electricity; Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning; Carpentry and Construction; and Welding & Fabrication. From this wide array of program areas we can craft a curriculum for you to address even your specialized training requirements.

We provide your employees with customized training manuals, and we will try to accommodate your time schedule and training location. We prefer class sizes from 4 to 12 students in order to maximize instructor-student interaction. We can sometimes group together different employers with similar needs, giving you the added affordability to train only 1 or 2 employees rather than carrying the total cost alone.

Triangle Tech's Customized Training service provides a Pre-Testing option to assess the incoming level of each trainee, and a Post-Testing & Evaluation option specific to your requirements if you so desire.

Most importantly, we promise our Customized Training Service clients our commitment to meet or exceed your training objectives or we'll retrain your employee at no cost. Contact us to get started!

Is a Career in the Skilled Trades Right for You? Find Out! Take the Career Readiness Quiz