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Triangle Tech

Employer Guarantee

A Triangle Tech graduate can do the job—we guarantee it!

At Triangle Tech, we know how difficult it is for employers to find skilled technicians who are able to meet your requirements and be productive from the very first day on the job. We are proud of our graduates and you can be confident that they have the skills that are necessary to get the job done.

Our faculty are all dedicated, experienced technicians who are committed to training all of our students to do their jobs well and to make the extra effort that distinguishes a true professional. We urge you to visit one of our schools, meet our faculty and talk to our students. We believe you'll see firsthand why a Triangle Tech graduate can do the job.

Employer Guarantee

Here's how the guarantee works

The guarantee covers graduates working full-time in the field for which we trained them. Employment must have begun within one year of graduation, and we must be notified in writing within 90 days after hiring that the employee is not demonstrating entry-level skills.

The re-training classes will be provided according to our published course schedules, and must be completed within one year of the approval date of the retraining plan.

This guarantee does not imply that graduates will pass any licensing examinations solely as a result of their training.

We'll even guarantee your current employees!

Triangle Tech provides continuing education and refresher training for your current employees in a variety of specialties. We will guarantee that training, too.

If your employees fail to learn the skills you've sent them to master, they can repeat the program at no charge.