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Triangle Tech

Pittsburgh campus adds Welding and Fabrication program

Triangle Tech is proud to announce the addition of a new program to its Pittsburgh school: Welding and Fabrication Technology. This occupation offers excellent job prospects, as employers report difficulties in finding workers with the necessary skills and knowledge. "Companies are reporting drastic shortages of high-skilled welders, especially those with certifications," said Bob Bernini, Vice President of Academics for the Triangle Tech Group. "In fact, according to regional economic development studies, one of the largest industry needs is in metal working. To complement the precision machining programs we already offer, welding is a logical addition to our curriculum."

Offered at Triangle Tech's DuBois school since 1982, the Welding and Fabrication Technology program is very successful. As part of the program, students take the ANSI/ AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code certification test, which certifies them to work on buildings, bridges and tubular structures found in today's construction and manufacturing industries. Students also take the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section IX Welders certification test. This certifies graduates to work on boilers, pressure vessels and critical piping systems. Both tests require a high degree of skill and are conducted by independent laboratories. On a national average, about four out of 10 professional welders are AWS certified, and five out of 100 are ASME certified. Triangle Tech graduates' weld certification pass rate has been at 100% for the past three years.

Although the Welding and Fabrication Technology program is currently approved as a diploma program, the school intends to seek approval for the Associate in Specialized Technology degree. Once achieved, "Triangle Tech will have the only Associate in Specialized Technology degree in welding being offered anywhere in the region," added Mr. Bernini. "This program is very field specific. Students are trained in every facet of welding processes and techniques."

According to a report by the National Association of Manufacturers, "The challenge for the future is not guaranteeing that there will be enough quality, high-paying jobs, but that there will be enough quality, highly skilled workers to fill the demands of the 21st century." Graduates of the Welding and Fabrication Technology program may find work in a multitude of industry-related jobs, such as welding technicians, supervisors, inspectors, or instructors. Some experienced welders open their own repair shops.

Triangle Tech's brand new, state of the art facility features 20 welding bays and is equipped with the industry's most recent, high tech equipment. The entire shop, located at One Perry Plaza, has been designed and built to AWS standards for certified shops.

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