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Triangle Tech Hosts an Event for Pennsylvania State Representatives and State Lobbyists at the Greensburg School

On Friday, May 21, 202, Triangle Tech hosted an event for Pennsylvania State Representatives and Lobbyists. During this event, they had the opportunity to tour the Greensburg campus and learn about the programs we offer at all of our school locations and the need for skilled technicians. The tour and event was conducted by Triangle Tech Administration, Rudy Agras, Executive Vice President; Theresa Kucic, Executive Director of Admissions; Ashley Kessler, Associate Director of Business Development and James Purtell, Greensburg School Director.

“All attendees were very impressed with what we do at Triangle Tech with regards to the programs we teach, the services we offer our students and the labs where the students get their hands on experience, as well as the outcome with Triangle Tech’s job placement rates. They will head back to Harrisburg after the holiday with support for Triangle Tech. It truly was an amazing day with these individuals!”

Pennsylvania State Representative Eric Davanzo commented on his Facebook page about the event, “Last week, I had the privilege of touring Triangle Tech in Greensburg. I am proud to be an advocate for the trades. They make our economy strong and our lives easier.”

Pennsylvania State Representative Jason Silvis commented on his Facebook page about the event, “I toured Triangle Tech in Greensburg with some of my House colleagues. Each of these trades are so important and needed.”

The Representatives that attended or sent a representative were the following:

  • Pennsylvania State Representative Jason Silvis- District 55
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Nelson- District 57
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Devanzo - District 58
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Dunbar-District 56
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Brooks- District 54
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Mihalek- District 40
  • Tommy Nelson - Pennsylvania Lobbyist, Allegheny Strategy Partners
  • Will Dando- Pennsylvania Lobbyist- Allegheny Strategy Partners
  • Jon Wian, Chief of Staff for County Commissioner Sean Kertes- Westmoreland County
  • Aaron Shenk Executive Director of MAACS formally PAPSA