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Triangle Tech

Triangle Tech congratulates Imagine America Student of the Week

Triangle Tech is proud to announce that Kari Schleicher has been selected as the Imagine America Foundation's Student of the Week. Kari studied Computer-Aided Draftig & Design Technology at Triangle Tech, DuBois.

The Imagine America Foundation is fortunate to annually support thousands of exceptional Career College students through Scholarships for Education. Some students, though, stand out above the rest.

The Imagine America Foundation is pleased to announce our Student of the Week, Kari Schleicher from Triangle Tech in Dubois, PA. Kari was chosen for her exceptional grades, attendance, and work ethic. Kari has been awarded the Imagine America Foundation's Adult Skills Education Program scholarship and the Adult Excellence Award.

When asking Kari about her college experience, she told us:

"My reason for going to college is simple: I enjoy learning. More importantly, I enjoy learning about things I have fun doing. Triangle Tech allows me to do this near my family and friends. Coming to school here has been a wonderful experience. I always tell my nieces and nephews that anything worth doing is worth doing and having some fun while you do it. Triangle Tech understands this philosophy and incorporates it in the classes, making them a joy to attend. I used CADD in middle school and I enjoyed the software then. When I started to look at the programs offered by schools in my area, it was a natural choice."

Congratulations Kari!

Click here to read about Kari's experience on the Imagine America website.

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