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Triangle Tech

Triangle Tech partners with local CTCs to host portions of the District 8 SkillsUSA competitions

On Monday, January 16th, Triangle Tech teamed up with Forbes Road AVTS to host portions of the SkillsUSA District 8 competitions. This is the 3rd time; Triangle Tech has helped out and hosted competitions. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.  The programs include local, state and national competitions in which students demonstrate occupational and leadership skills. At the annual national-level SkillsUSA Championships, more than 6,000 students compete in 100 occupational and leadership skill areas.

District 8 is comprised of the following career and technical centers: A.W. Beattie Career Center, Indiana CTC, Beaver CTC, Northern Westmoreland CTC, Eastern Westmoreland CTC; Parkway West, Forbes Road CTC, McKeesport and Steel Center for CTE.  There were 48 competitors in the following competitions: Cabinetmaking, Carpentry, Building Construction, Teamworks, Masonry, Plumbing and Welding. Each competitor was given a specific task to complete in a 3 hour timeframe.  Judges determined the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The 1st place winners advanced to the State competitions held in Hershey, PA.

The following are the 1st place winners in each category:

  • Cabinetmaking: Bryce Harr, Eastern Westmoreland CTC
  • Building Construction: Andrew Tallerico, Forbes Road
  • Carpentry: Scott Poklembo, Eastern Westmoreland CTC
  • Masonry: TJ Gaffey, Indiana CTC
  • Plumbing: Jerry Frank, Eastern Westmoreland CTC
  • TeamWorks: Parkway West: Michael Kappert, Clayton Wooddell, Shane Holden, Douglas Sabo
  • Welding: Austin Hill, Northern Westmoreland CTC

The following are the 2nd place winners in each category:

  • Cabinetmaking: Alex Graff, Northern Westmoreland CTC
  • Building Construction: Logan Brett, Indiana CTC
  • Carpentry: Zach Loy, Beaver CTC
  • Masonry: Jordan Leonberg, Beaver CTC
  • Plumbing: Greg Oliver, Beaver CTC
  • TeamWorks: Beaver CTC: Cameron Rogers, Brendon Osadciw, Jerry Gordon, Brendan Pfeuffer
  • Welding: Dylan Vignolini, Beaver CTC

The following are the 3rd place winners:

  • Carpentry: Brady Gallaher, Indiana CTC
  • Plumbing: Andrew Votedian, Steel Center
  • Masonry: Jesse Reed, Eastern Westmoreland CTC
  • Welding: Clayton Coppola, Steel Center
  • TeamWorks: Indiana CTC: Kyle Uptegraph, Kris Fairman, Levi Isenberg, Austin Vogel

Triangle Tech wishes all competitors the best of luck at States!

Triangle Tech thanks all of our volunteer judges:

  • Triangle Tech Faculty and Staff:, Mark Williamson, Willis Elder, Tony Guzman, Jim Meinhert, Bill Durandetto, Cory Botelho, Andrew Barnett, Steve Flaherty
  • Triangle Tech students: Desean Jennings, Jake Krepley, Hunter Edelmann, Ned Banguar, Dave Kovach, Rob Grebinoski
  • Vince Reda, Lowes
  • David Flores and Matt Hallam, Shannon Staley and Sons

We also appreciate the following people for their special assistance:

  • Mike Connor
  • Dan Connor
  • Kendall Thomas
  • Kevin Schifinio
  • Ashley Kessler
  • Aaron Chapman
  • Katie Bischak
  • Triangle Tech student workers and volunteers

Is a Career in the Skilled Trades Right for You? Find Out! Take the Career Readiness Quiz