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Triangle Tech


In just 16 months, Triangle Tech students can earn a technical degree* to open doors to an in-demand career. Our students receive hands-on training by industry-experienced instructors to ensure they have the skills employers want.

Our technical degree* programs include:

CADD with Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Technology

Triangle Tech’s CADD with Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technology program is a combination of architectural and mechanical drafting courses, coupled with additive manufacturing & 3D printing, designed to help our students become skilled professionals who can turn a concept into a set of precise drawings. Our students graduate, ready to build their careers in an exciting and important field.

Maintenance Electricity & Construction Technology

Imagine being one of the high-skill electricians who keeps the power on, tracks down and fixes problems that develop in modern electrical equipment, and works together with other professionals to make sure our power systems operate seamlessly to keep our cities and industries running.

Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Technology

Today's RHVAC professionals keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. They maintain the equipment that protects our food and keeps the fresh air coming. You can be one of these high–demand technicians.

Carpentry & Construction Technology

There's something very satisfying about using tools and the skills of your hands to turn raw lumber into homes and businesses. Your first day on the site, there's just a foundation in the ground. When you pack up your tools at the end of each day, you can see your contribution toward a home or building that someone can move into and be proud of.

Welding & Fabrication Technology

Employers desperately need trained welders. That's because they know that their products and structures are only as good as the welds and the welders who produce them—highly skilled men and women with the satisfaction of knowing that their welds literally hold America together.

Industrial & Structural Welding

Triangle Tech students can also earn a diploma in Industrial & Structural Welding in just 8 months!

* Associate in Specialized Technology Degree