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Triangle Tech

Student Services

At Triangle Tech, a wide variety of student services are available for you. We want you to succeed in your training - so we hope you will take advantage of some of the extra services that can help you.

Student Success Program

Our Student Success Program provides the key to launching you on a great job. From your very first days with us, we'll help you learn things like loan management and personal expense budgeting. We even help families learn how to support the student throughout his or her education.

And it doesn't stop there; while you're learning from us, our faculty members will help you develop study skills, cope and control stress, and manage your time efficiently.

Your success is our business, and that's why we work so hard to provide you a strong Student Success program.

Triangle Tech Open Door Policy

Housing Assistance

If you're coming to one of our locations from outside the area, we can help you find affordable housing close to the school. At Triangle Tech, we maintain a list of rental houses and apartments, complete with landlord names, addresses, descriptions and prices. You have the option of following up on your own, or asking us for a recommendation. The decision is completely yours. If you'd like to find someone to share costs with you, we can even help you find a compatible roommate. (Of course, since Triangle Tech does not own or operate housing facilities, we don't assume any responsibility related to your choice of housing.)

Tutoring Help

If you need help with one or more of your courses, we can arrange for a tutor, at no charge to you, to make sure you don't fall behind. Your tutor may be an instructor or a more advanced student who has already completed the course you're taking. Either way, you'll get a helping hand anytime you need it on your way to a great job—free!

Is a Career in the Skilled Trades Right for You? Find Out! Take the Career Readiness Quiz