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Triangle Tech

Why Triangle Tech?

You get the right training. You learn exactly the skills employers demand. You'll walk out the door ready to start your career.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality career training. That’s why you learn from the best. Your instructors aren't just skilled teachers — they've also worked in the fields they teach. They know what it takes to get a great job and build a successful future.

We help you find a job*. We're not satisfied until you find a good job*, with room to grow. 

*Triangle Tech is not permitted to guarantee employment

See who hires Triangle Tech graduates

You get all the help you need — with housing, tutoring, career advice, and financial aid*. At Triangle Tech, we want you to succeed — and we know how to help you do it!


Look at All These Reasons to Choose Triangle Tech:

  • Fast Track to a Great Job

    Earn your degree in just 16 months - 8 months sooner than at most other schools, colleges, and universities. You save money on tuition, start working and earning 8 months sooner. And classes start year-round, so you can get to the job market fast! You can even apply for early acceptance based on junior-year grades. If you are interested in getting into the job market even earlier, Triangle Tech also offers an 8 month diploma in Industrial & Structural Welding!

  • Proven Track Record with Employers

    You will find many Triangle Tech graduates employed within a wide variety of industry sectors in positions for which they were trained. Additionally, many of our successful graduates return to Triangle Tech as employers to recruit our graduates!

  • Convenient, Modern Facilities

    Triangle Tech locations are within commuting distance of every city and town across Pennsylvania. Each of our schools has modern, professional, well-equipped facilities - including labs and shops for hands-on training.

  • Committed, Experienced Instructors

    Triangle Tech's instructors have years of experience working in the fields they teach and are now, as full-time instructors, committed to sharing their experience with you. You'll be surprised at their dedication to you and your goals.

  • Training in Real-World Skills

    Employers help to design our training programs, so the skills you learn are the very same ones employers need in the workplace. You'll practice hands-on skills with the same kinds of equipment used in the field. While training, you'll even get professional-quality tools that are yours to keep at graduation.

  • Affordable Programs

    Triangle Tech training offers a return on your tuition investment. And our Financial Aid advisors help you develop a personalized financing package to make your career training easily affordable. (Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.)

  • Continuous Career Services

    Our Career Advising department provides free job placement services, anytime you need it, for the rest of your career. And graduates can refresh their skills on any course they've already taken - free!

  • Help Continuing Your Education

    Credit transfer agreements with selected colleges and universities, such as Edinboro University, Seton Hill College, and California University of Pennsylvania, let you continue your education while pursuing a career.

  • Free Repeat Privileges

    We want all of our students to be successful in their career, and to assure that everyone has the best chance to succeed we make the following commitment: If at any time prior to graduation, circumstances result in a course failure we will allow you to repeat that course tuition FREE! No kidding, we will permit you to retake the failed course at absolutely no tuition charge. We simply want you to improve your skills and continue progress toward reaching your career goals.

  • Free Refresher Privileges

    To help advance in your career, we want our graduates to stay current with technology. So, once you graduate from Triangle Tech, you will be eligible to come back and refresh your skills or update them at no cost! You may review a course you've already taken. And to keep it convenient for you, there are no restrictions or time limits on this privilege.